Author: Angela Jacobs

I am a mother, a cancer warrior, and a successful small business owner who also teaches a little yoga in her spare time. I can be found snowboarding with my husband or rollerskating with daughter when I'm not playing with my Dorgi Quincy and Corgi Kota.

Some Anxiety is Good

April 19, 2024
Some level of anxiety can actually be good for you because it serves as a natural response to potential threats or challenges. Here are some reasons why some anxiety can...

Why you should invest and/or pay-out-of-pocket for Counseling

April 5, 2024
You owe it to yourself to invest in making your mind a beauty you enjoy. Like a self-curated flower garden.

Can the 7-7-7 rule help your relationship?

April 2, 2024
The “777 rule” for relationships is a concept that suggests that in a healthy relationship, you should only be spending a maximum of 7 hours a week on issues or...

Equine-assisted Therapy

April 2, 2024
Horses are often used in counseling and therapy settings as a part of equine-assisted therapy, also known as equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) or equine-assisted counseling. This therapeutic approach involves interactions between...

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

March 20, 2024
History, Foundations, and process of EMDR as a therapeutic approach in counseling.

Modalities and Style

March 19, 2024
In counseling, modalities refer to the different approaches or techniques that counselors use to work with clients and help them address their concerns. There are various modalities used in counseling,...

Hello world!

March 7, 2024
By Angela K Jacobs, LMHCA healing.high.priestess Angela K Jacobs, LMHCA is now accepting Washington State residents as clients into her telehealth and in-person practice. Schedule online in my portal or...