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When do I know I might need counseling?

June 26, 2024
When do I know I might need counseling?

Some Anxiety is Good

April 19, 2024
Some level of anxiety can actually be good for you because it serves as a natural response to potential threats or challenges. Here are some reasons why some anxiety can...

Covert Trauma

April 14, 2024
Covert trauma refers to psychological or emotional trauma that is subtle, hidden, or not immediately obvious. Unlike overt trauma, which involves direct and easily identifiable experiences such as physical abuse,...

Why you should invest and/or pay-out-of-pocket for Counseling

April 5, 2024
You owe it to yourself to invest in making your mind a beauty you enjoy. Like a self-curated flower garden.

Small Town Mental Health & Quality of Living

March 25, 2024
There can be several differences between mental health in a city and in a small town. Here are some potential factors that may contribute to differences in mental health experiences...