Can the 7-7-7 rule help your relationship?

Can the 7-7-7 rule help your relationship?

The “777 rule” for relationships is a concept that suggests that in a healthy relationship, you should only be spending a maximum of 7 hours a week on issues or conflicts within the relationship, and no single issue should take longer than 7 minutes to discuss.

The idea behind the 777 rule is to promote effective communication, conflict resolution, and to avoid dwelling on minor issues that can escalate and cause unnecessary stress in a relationship. By setting time limits on discussing problems and focusing on finding solutions efficiently, the 777 rule aims to help couples maintain a healthy balance in their relationship.

While the 777 rule can be a helpful guideline for some couples, it’s important to remember that every relationship is unique, and what works for one couple may not work for another. Effective communication, mutual respect, and understanding are key components of a healthy relationship, and it’s essential for couples to find strategies that work best for them to maintain a strong and positive connection.

There is another version of the 777 rule which suggests can help maintain a healthy relationship Every seven days you go on a date, every seven weeks you go away for the night and every seven months the two of you head off on a romantic holiday.

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