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T. U. – Weight Loss, Loneliness

March 18, 2024
It's tough to find a great therapist and I have had many.

B. N. – Alcohol Abuse, Insomnia

March 18, 2024
I cannot recommend Chiral Center Yoga or Counseling enough! I have been seeing her for almost a year – for various reasons – including over drinking, anxiety and insomnia. She...

B. L. G. – Adult Diagnosis ADHD, Codependency

March 18, 2024
I had a counselor fall asleep during one of my sessions. Needless to say that was the last session with that person. If the therapist does not feel like a...

F. T. – ADHD, Depression

March 25, 2018
Angela is the only therapist who has been able to meet me at my pace. I walk, talk, and do everything at the speed of light. Some say I am...